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Up to a few months ago, I couldn’t tell left to right about the method of “getting the perfect eyebrows”. Mine were a complete mess, and would take the shape of whatever my trembling hands managed to draw on a daily basis. God must have realized that I needed saving and sent an angel in the form of Renee Chester-Thompson to conduct a beauty workshop at work, and behold my eyebrows were reborn. I took notes, I got my face done a few times and not only did I find a brand of makeup that worked well for me, but I somehow began to warm up to the idea of getting my face done professionally on occasion. Not to mention, I learned how to do my brows like a human being. Two days ago, someone asked me who did my makeup- in a good way. I can honestly say that that has never been asked of me before. Clearly, something rubbed off.


The world has seen a recent massive growth in the prominence of makeup artistry thanks to the increasing popularity of social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Not to mention, with perfectly sculpted faces like Kim Kardashian flooding the tabloids and breaking the internet, women worldwide have become almost desperate to “get that look” – encouraging makeup artists to up the ante and give the clients what they want. Over time, it has moved from being just a profession, to an actual art that everyone wants to master. Suddenly, being a MUA (Makeup Artist for those of you living under a rock) became the job you’d love to have.


But it’s not all about just dabbing on a few colours. As it suggests, it really is an art, lest you’re comfortable walking out the door looking like an abstract painting. And of course, there still remain the naysayers who believe that makeup focuses on vanity and detracts from beauty rather than adds to it. But that’s a whole other story.


The point is, it’s a beautiful craft, and I for one am glad that Guyana has picked up on the new and exciting trend. I’m proud to see the talent of quite a few creative makeup artists right at home, giving me faith that indeed, we can be on par with international standards once we set our minds to it. From perusing social media, and having personal interactions with some, here are a few MUAs I believe everyone should get to know if they’re looking for “that right look” from time to time.





Lisa Bradshaw
Lisa Bradshaw

Name: Lisa Bradshaw

Age: 26

Contact information: 592-688-8851 / bbm pin 79A1CB86


Years practicing professionally: 2012-present.

Specific brand or preference: There isn’t a specific brand for me. I check reviews on different products and choose the ones that produce the best results e.g Graftobian, Mary Kay,BH Cosmetics etc.

Most significant events attended/participated in: Wedding Expo, Inter-Guiana Cultural Festival

Specialty – Weddings, Photoshoots, Stage Performances


Client Photo
Client Photo

What sets you apart from other MUA’S? I don’t usually compare myself with other MUA’s, instead, I would leave it up to my clients to answer this question in saying what they believe sets me apart.

Inspiration: Growing up, I watched my mom doing her thing with makeup and I was fascinated to try it on myself, of course it wasn’t perfect at first but I was determined to perfect it. As such I taught myself by practicing while watching a variety of tutorials online and gradually became more versed at this skill.

What does beauty mean to You?Beauty is being unique, it’s a combination of inward and outward qualities in an individual, shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Beauty is art; beauty is being able to feel comfortable in one’s own skin.

Why is makeup important to a woman’s appearance? We are all beautifully made by our creator, makeup enhances the natural beauty of a woman. When a woman improves her appearance, an amazing thing happens, people begin to pay more attention to her, they listen to her more and she becomes more confident. Makeup is important because it is our face that projects our deepest essence and our face is where people look when they want to know us or understand us.

What would you say to persons who believe that makeup is strictly about falsehood and vanity instead of beauty? Makeup helps us to feel good about ourselves and helps boost our confidence. As a makeup artist, it is my belief that because everyone is uniquely beautiful, makeup does not create a falsehood but rather enhances beauty by highlighting the best features of an individual. I believe that those who opt to use makeup are more satisfied with their natural appearance, as against those who choose surgery to alter their appearance indefinitely, which can be considered falsehood or vanity.


Renee Chester
Renee Chester

Name: Reneé N Chester

Age: 29

Name of Business: BROMELIAD.rnc || Professional Make-up Studio

Contact information: 

BROMELIAD.rnc || Professional Makeup Studio

Mobile: 592 679-9212

Office: 592 231-1022

Address: 28 Queen Street, Kitty

Georgetown, Guyana.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Link:www.facebook.com/renee.n.chester

Twitter: @RenzyChest

Instagram: @mua_reneechester

BUSINESS HOURS: 7:00am – 7:00pm

OPENING HOURS: 10:00am – 6:00pm


Years practicing professionally: 5 years with certification and as a registered business.

Specific brand of preference: Black Opal Cosmetics and Skincare.

Most significant events attended/participated in: Seems like I’m a part of so much these days and I note everything as significant, they all help shape my career and reputation- but to name a few:

  • Lead MUA for “A Bitter Lime”- an international film that was recorded in Guyana in September 2014.
  • One of the three Lead MUAs for Miss World Guyana 2014.
  • Exhibitor and Official MUA for the winning couple at the Race to the Altar Wedding Expo 2013, 2014 & 2015.
  • Corporate Beauty consultant for three major companies since 2013.

Specialty (weddings, photoshoots,etc): As a professional Makeup Artist and beauty consultant, every aspect of my title fascinates me. I absolutely love weddings and bridal makeup, I constantly practice and improve my techniques for this very special type of makeup the most.

Next in line would be glamour. For photo shoots in particular I get to be even more. I love carnival makeup too. It’s an extensive version of my creativity and a good reflection of my personality -color, vibrancy, flare, fun and #Fancy. #creativeme 🙂


Client Photo
Client Photo

What sets you apart from other MUAs? Wow, let’s see. Well we all have our own unique way of showcasing our talent and ideas in makeup application. Some are more subtle / dramatic than others but one particular trait that I can say sets me aside is the fact that I’ve done cosmetic training and study, brand management, product study, skin care analysis and that I’m also attached to an international cosmetic brand (black opal cosmetics) in which I’m privileged to be an official retailer and distributor in Guyana. Added to this, I’ve extended my talent as a certified and professional MUA to establishing a fully stocked makeup studio and store catering to the needs of other makeup artists and the makeup needs of women in general.


Inspiration: Colour. My mother’s flower garden. The various colour schemes of plants/flowers are so inspiring to coordinate and recreate as eye shadow techniques and placement. As cliché as it has become, my inspiration also comes from believing there’s a God who loves and cares for me and who is the reason for my success and ability to be humble and appreciative of everything I have. I’m inspired by the “2nd chance” I’ve been given! 🙂



What does beauty mean to you? Beauty is something that we cannot see; it is on the inside. It is confidence, self-esteem and attitude… and then makeup is the complimentary feature/aspect to all of this!


What made you begin practicing your craft? Makeup found me. Prior to embarking on this career I was all about my dance and modeling career and somehow becoming a dentist. Lol. The right person just came into my path and coached me well into becoming a beautician. I’m forever thankful that this happened to me because I am absolutely in love with my career choice. #noregrets.


Why is makeup important to a woman’s appearance? Well, there’s always a part of every woman who’s looking at another woman to criticize, compliment or desire, so my take on this is: why not hit them with “all dat flawlessness babe!” Wearing makeup, believe it or not adds confidence and high self-esteem. It’s like adding a whole lot of bling to that simple bracelet or like adding $10,000 on top of the only $1.00 you had – just because you can!


What would you say to persons who believe that makeup is strictly about falsehood and vanity instead of beauty?

Everyone will have their own opinion about makeup. I’m willing to accept that. I, however, believe that makeup is an expression of creativity as well as a requirement for corporate presence. Society has given “wearing makeup” that privilege. Makeup adds to self-confidence and higher self-esteem thus, making it far from “just” falsehood and vanity. If you can’t appreciate and love yourself without the use of makeup then is when makeup gets deemed as “falsehood” and “vanity” because you are clearly neglecting to LOVE yourself and clearly depending on makeup to make you beautiful. That’s not the way. YOU make YOU beautiful! Achieve this through admiring and loving yourself without the help of makeup/cosmetics.



Romona Gajraj
Romona Gajraj


Name: Romona Gajraj

Age: 24

Name of Business: Makeup by Mona G

Contact information: My facebook page “Makeup by Mona G”

Contact number: 592-641-1816

Years practicing professionally: One (1)

Specific brand of preference? No specific brand of preference. Quality is what’s important to me, and that comes from many different brands. A few favourites are Makeup Forever, Makeup Geek, L’Oreal and MAC


Most significant events attended/participated in: None (yet).

Specialty (weddings, photoshoots,etc): I’d say my specialty is definitely Bridal makeup. It’s the most beautiful type of look, in my opinion.


Client Photo
Client Photo

What sets you apart from other MUAs? My attention to detail sets me apart from other makeup artists. I take my time and ensure that everything is always perfectly blended and crisp. Not a single eyebrow hair must be out of place either!


Inspiration: Celebrity makeup artists, especially Mario Dedivanovic, the genius behind most of Kim Kardashian’s stunning makeup looks.


What does beauty mean to you?  In my opinion, beauty is characterised by self-confidence and high self-esteem. Once a woman feels good about herself and she feels beautiful, nothing else really matters. What you do to make you feel beautiful is totally up to you.


What made you begin practicing your craft? I had always enjoyed makeup application for dance shows since I was much younger. As I got older, the obsession grew and I began to practice more and more until eventually, my close friends started encouraging me to become a makeup artist. I eventually decided to give it a shot, and it was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Why is makeup important to a woman’s appearance? Even though I absolutely love makeup, I am still a firm believer that no woman absolutely needs makeup to look pretty or beautiful. We should all be comfortable in our own skin and fully embrace what we have naturally. That being said, I think the most important thing about wearing makeup is how it makes a woman feel. Feeling good about herself is what’s important to a woman’s appearance.


What would you say to persons who believe that makeup is strictly about falsehood and vanity instead of beauty? I can definitely understand why it would be easy to think that way, but I would encourage them to be more open-minded and appreciative of this beautiful art-form, and take a step back and consider makeup to be self-confidence applied directly to the face.



Tenisha Garnett
Tenisha Garnett


Name: Tenisha Garnett

Age: 20

Name of Business: Tenisha’s Flawless Design

Contact information: email – [email protected] : Facebook-flawless by Tenisha or Tenisha Tamesia Garnett

Years practicing professionally: 2 years

Specific brand of preference? Mac, Shany & Kiko

Most significant events attended/participated in: Being able to do makeup in the Philippines for the Miss Earth 2014 Pageant

Specialty (weddings, photoshoots,etc): Weddings, Photoshoots, Pageants or just a night out


Client Photo
Client Photo

What sets you apart from other MUAs? I love to do dramatic face art/painting

Dramatic makeuo
Dramatic makeup

Inspiration: Maya Angelo & Missy Lynn (makeup artist)

What does beauty mean to you?I believe that true beauty shines from the inside out. It’s about loving yourself for who you are and living a positive life, it’s helping those who are in need, being the best human being you can possibly be.

What made you begin practicing your craft? Art has always been a big part of my life as long as I can remember so I’ve been pretty much drawing and painting my whole life. After doing looks for fun and posting them online persons started to ask me to do their makeup and that’s how I considered doing it as a business.

Why is makeup important to a woman’s appearance? Wearing makeup is important because if the application is right for the woman, it will positively affect the perception others will have about her. A woman who reports to work without putting any effort into her appearance from the neck up can sometimes be seen as incomplete in her grooming therefore raising the question in the minds of others about her thoroughness in completing other aspects of her work.

What would you say to persons who believe that makeup is strictly about falsehood and vanity instead of beauty? Makeup might make us look better, but the reason why we do it is because it makes us feel better, it helps us to be the best version of ourselves. Makeup is a form of self-expression, every one of us has different personalities and different styles. Just like clothes which can also enhance and alter our appearance, makeup does the same. Enhancing our natural features isn’t fake because we’re not altering anything on her original face.



Onica Naar
Onica Naar

NAME:  Onica Rushaina Naar

AGE: 26 years old

Name of Business:  AuroraRush.pro by Onica


Telephone number: +5926631772,

Email: [email protected],

Instagram: @nikki_naar

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rushaina

Years Practicing Professionally:   3 Years

Specific Brand of Preference:  BLACK OPAL

Most Significant Events Attended/Participated: CPL 20/20, Wine and Arts, Miss Jamzone, Redken by Revlon, Wedding Expo 2015

Specialty: Weddings, photo shoots, birthdays, television interviews, models, pageants, mash make up etc.


Client Photo
Client Photo

What sets you apart from the other MUAs? I am a confident individual and I believe that every woman deserves to feel confident in her own skin. My confidence is portrayed through my work, and I would like to extend that to all my clients.

Who is your inspirationMy inspiration is none other than the lovely Mrs. Renee Chester Thompson. This vibrant young woman has taught me all that I need to know about becoming a professional makeup artist.

What does beauty mean to you? I believe beauty is not about a “pretty face” it goes beyond your physical appearance. It is something we all have within us.

What made you began practicing your craft? My Pre teen years were that time in my life when I found my love for cosmetology. However after trying a few craft courses, I decided to challenge myself and try makeup artistry. I started classes without any hesitation. As I got deeper into the art, I had begun to fall more in love with makeup artistry.

Why is makeup important to a woman’s appearance? Makeup is important to a woman’s appearance because it enhances their natural beauty. A woman becomes more confident when wearing makeup and as such she looks even better. That does not mean that a woman is not confident without makeup, it simply serves a boost to her natural self-confidence.

What would you say to persons who believe that makeup is strictly about falsehood and vanity instead of beauty? Makeup is neither of the two; it is the expression of human creative skill and imagination or as we know it- art. It gives individuals the opportunity to freely express their talent, and gives their clients the opportunity to experience firsthand what art is truly about.



Latassie Sealey
Latassie Sealey

Name: Latassie Sealey

Age: 26

Name of Business: Creative Me Makeup by Latassie

Business Location: 235 ‘A’ Middle Road La penitence

Contact information: 680-2439

Years practicing professionally: 2-3 years

Specific brand of preference: Black Opal

Client Photo
Client Photo

Most significant events attended/participated in: Weddings

What sets you apart from other MUAs? I take my time in doing what I do and I do it to the best of my ability.

Inspiration: Youtube Beauty Volgs

What made you begin practicing your craft? I just love the art of transforming people. I think it’s something that enhances each woman’s beauty

What would you say to persons who believe that makeup is strictly about falsehood and vanity instead of beauty? There’s a difference between people who wear makeup to enhance their inner beauty and people who wear makeup for a show. I don’t think makeup defines anyone. There are some people who can do with it and there are some people who can’t do with it.



So take this as a woman’s personal directory, girls. If you’re looking for that perfect look, planning your wedding, photoshoot or you just want to feel glamourous during a night out on the town, I’d write down their names and addresses if I were you.


What I can’t help but notice is that, none of these women have glorified makeup, but have instead endorsed it as simply an accessory to beauty- which already exists within us- rather than an absolute requirement of it.


And I don’t know about you, but I love my accessories. What’s an outfit without them, right?


To these inspiring young Guyanese professionals I say: Kudos! And keep strong in your passion girls!





Writing is my life. That is all the bio there is.