About Miss Jazmania 


Why  blog?

I’ve said it countless times: writing is my passion. Sure, there are a million writers and sure everyone has a blog, but this is my contribution to the world – however insignificant- and my way of fulfilling my passion through the written word. Corny, I know.

Why the title?

My good friend Lloyda Nicholas – fellow writer and FAB-U-LOUS actor – developed the lovable habit of calling me Jazmania. I loved it immediately, as it screamed “loud”, “crazy” and “Jasmaine” all at  the same time. How could I not adapt it? (Lloyda, I owe you when I get famous :p)

How important is scope for you and how do you intend to increase your readership?

Every writer wants to have their work read, or else they should just stick to personal journals. Naturally, readership is important. But when it comes to one’s passion, true fulfillment lies in simply getting to do it. So while scope and readership are both important, in the absence of a large following I will not and cannot stop writing. My blog is here for everyone to see, regardless of number or identity. Perhaps one day it may blow up, perhaps it won’t. But the joy of what I’m doing shall forever be defined by the freedom and the ability to do it at all.

How do you find inspiration to come up with your topics?

Inspiration is perhaps the most difficult of a writer’s tasks, but as a writer, you have the unique ability of using your overflowing thoughts to communicate with the world through the written word. Everyone thinks, but not everyone can beautifully express those thoughts. Writers therefore possess a gift, and inspiration to use that gift often comes from everywhere and everything.

Where do you see yourself as a writer a few years from now?

I hope to be somewhere where writing is a daily part of my life; not just any kind of writing, but the writing that brings me joy- writing through creative expression. Magazine editing, publishing or something of the sort somehow seems ideal for me.

Describe your style of writing and whether you think it is unique to others.

English studies teach us that intertextuality exists whether we like it or not; there is nothing new under the sun; everything we write is influenced by something already written. As a result,’originality’ for a writer does not come from writing something new, but writing something old in a different way. This is where a writer gets their style. Just as personalities differ, so do writers’ voices. I try to write in the voice of my own personality as I believe my cynicism and rashness on social and other issues make for a comical but enjoyable read.

How do deal with writer’s block?

Writer’s block is like a writer’s flu or writer’s cancer depending on how severe it is. No writer has a continuous flow of ideas therefore no writer is exempt from the disease.  If not dealt with properly, writer’s block can cripple your entire career, starting at your ego and ending at your will to write. I take writer’s block very seriously, to the point that I cannot function if I cannot write. There is no sure fire way of dealing with it, as its mere cause differs among writers. For me, I usually have to isolate myself and just  think, and I never panic or the ideas scamper away faster than they dare approach.

Do you intend to publish your work? If so, when?  

I think that is every writer’s dream and I am no exception. I recently thought about the idea for my first novel and I must say it’s a big one, and not the type of idea that will take a few months’ work. I have therefore given myself about 2 – 3 years to do enough research, get enough training and feed off of enough literary sources before I make a definite move towards publishing. In between that, who knows, a book of poetry could always be done!



About me:


Where are you from?

Guyana, South America. The little country I call home is an enigmatic beauty I tell you, but I definitely have plans of migrating in order to broaden my experiences. I will never leave my country at heart though and when I have achieved a fair level of success, I will return and share my knowledge with other budding writers in order to help them fulfill their dreams.

What are you doing with your life?

Currently studying for my Bachelor’s in English from the University of London. It is a thoroughly enjoyable course which exposes me to an endless array of literature and other important  tools needed as a writer. When I am done, my brain will be saturated with information on the written word and will make me an even better writer.   I plan on seeking work in freelancing positions in larger markets to increase my experience as a writer. Ultimately I would love to be the editor of a fashion magazine – which I believe combines my key talents all in one – creativity, fashion and writing. What more could a girl ask for?

How do you make time for all the stuff you do?

Well quite frankly, I don’t think I do enough. Between a full time job, school, freelance writing gigs and blogging, I find that I still have large amounts of free time. What I need to do however, is prioritorise myself so that I can  get as much writing in as possible, as I feel that I do not do as much writing as I wish I could.



Writing is my life. That is all the bio there is.

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      Thank you so much April Hope. US writers must always stick together!