Miss Jazmania Presents: Passionate People- Drew Thoven

If you’re in the music industry, and you want to hear from or see the work of a truly talented young man, look at this video. He’s 21 years old and is a remarkably gifted Guyanese music producer. He speaks truth, possesses great wisdom and vision for his age and he’s passionate about what he does, which is all you need to do for me to become a fan.

It was great, and I immensely enjoyed it.

It took me months… due to some hiccups with finding an editor. But using the adage “If you want anything done, do it yourself”, I got up off my ass, and edited the damn thing. Now… be kind lol. It’s not A+ work, but it’s the best I could have done, plus I believe it’s the content that’s most important.


Featured image by Jay Carter Photography 


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