Another great shoot with Brian Gomes . Thanks to his vision, I was inspired by this shoot to write poetry. Please enjoy our work.

Wardrobe: House of Pearson

Makeup: Me 🙂


Photo- SOOT






search for a heartbeat somewhere

lend your ear to the ground

where heat had needled its way

down the spine of roots that held things firm-

had clawed at a grip so sturdy

had scorched its  hold and might

had bitten at its grasp of life

had melted the soil, once strong

search for a breath to inhale

lend your life to the trees

where flames had danced along their backbones

had caressed their way through leaves

leaving their life alight with a deathly blaze

search for a life in this place

lend your eyes all around

where smoke had blanketed their bodies

soot had painted them in black

fire had seduced their every fancy

sucking dry its fertile womb

and fire wins

always wins with its beautiful wings

always sings the most terrible things

and triumphs with its dark, ember song

fire wins

leaving here barren and burnt

but I search for a heartbeat

I search for a breath

a life

I search for hope, among the ashes







Writing is my life. That is all the bio there is.