JAM PR Services

JAM offers expertise in media relations, public relations consultancy, image management, crisis communications, marketing management and other core PR services to local and international companies and individuals.

At JAM, we specialise in effective image management and public relations consultancy for our clients while employing initiative and proactive strategies to predict and manage crises in an aim to uphold the client’s integrity and image during times of high pressure.



List of services

  • Public Relations consultation – Every engagement with JAM will begin with a one on one consultation between the client and the PR representative. This initial meeting will be made to establish the client’s needs and to draft a specialised PR package for the future engagements. These meetings help to clearly plan PR strategies and to be proactive as regards PR needs. Following this meeting, an estimate will be provided and once approved, a contract will be drafted before the engagement begins.


  • Marketing and other communications– This involves compiling and editing documents and correspondence for the client for publishing in print media, external correspondence, internal circulation etc. These include all documents including feature articles, technical articles, press releases, drafting of contracts, manuals, letters and all other types of documents.


  • Marketing campaigns- Establishing and managing creative advertising campaigns and timelines to push the clients’ products and/or services


  • Crisis and issues management – Advising and managing clients’ image and responses during occasions of controversy and/or tension and ensuring the best possible outcome at the end of the occurrence. This is a reactionary/proactive service that helps the customer manage a crisis or situation that if left unattended could create significant amounts of bad press and tarnish the public image of companies.


  • Editing and reviewing internal company documents and correspondence – Existing documents and correspondence not drafted by the PR company can be edited for the best finished product.


  • Creating and booking meetings – Creating meeting opportunities as requested by client for networking and marketing purposes and booking meetings.


  • Planning and monitoring events – Outsourcing all possible players responsible for executing a successful and classy event for the client.


  • Social media management and monitoring – Creating and monitoring social media accounts for clients, responding to messages, creating posts and increasing followers and visibility.


  • Booking print and radio Advertisements – For existing or new advertisements for the client.


  • Creating graphic artwork for advertisement or other promotional material – Outsourcing graphic designers to create artwork


  • Speech writing – Preparation of speeches for various events


  • Technical writing – Creating and editing technical documents


  • Media relations and training – Providing training opportunities to staff of the client to help in dealing with PR related matters

Other PR related services requested by the client